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21 Day Marvelous Lunchbox Makeover! 

With just a few healthy ingredients, a short amount of time & lots of love, you'll reap the benefits – less stress, more ideas & happier, healthier kids!

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What People Are Saying:

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    Patrea Rawson

    "I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for putting these ideas out there. The inspiration you offer is nothing short of brilliant, well done you. The thing I love about them is that my husband is just as happy to eat these items as they're not KID specific. Thank you!"

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    Angela Star

    "I am LOVING this makeover, my kids are right into the food and helping me make it, it's great, thanks so much! I've been trying to get them eating healthier lunches for a while and now they are!"

  • Sam Mothersole

    I'm loving the ideas for the 21 Day Lunchbox Makeover! I thought I was doing pretty well with yummy healthy lunches but I was getting a bit short of ideas... so thank you sooo much. My kids are loving their new improved lunches and today even said they didn't want a lunch order for sausage rolls! Thank you Wick for the inspiration. 

Why would you join the
21 Day Marvelous Lunchbox Makeover?

You're well into the term, the dreaded lunchboxes are back again and you're stuck for ideas. Let me help you out. For 21 days, I'll share with you some of my healthy tips & recipes that your kids will love!

My goal for holding the 21 Day Marvelous Lunchbox Makeover is: 

  1. To provide you with healthy lunchbox ideas that are creative, nutritious & different to what you may already be doing
  2. To help create some new healthy habits for your children, to aid their concentration, learning & energy levels & performance on the sports field 
  3. To show you how quick & easy it is to make healthy creations from home, free from additives, preservatives & refined sugar
  4. Lastly, to have fun with your children so they can help make some of the recipes too!

About The Author

Hey there, I'm Wick Nixon and I'm a super passionate foodie. 

So much so that I created this makeover to help you, as parents, to get into the kitchen to create food from scratch. In my opinion, packaged foods are way too conveninent and they don't do anything for our children's learning. 

I'm passionate about helping you fuel your children with healthy, nourishing ingredients which will benefit their bodies and brains – from the classroom to the sports field. And if the whole family joins in, you'll all reap the rewards of eating and feeling better! 

Over the three weeks, I'll give you inspiration and creativity, shopping lists and you'll be filled with joy because your kids will be so grateful for the effort you've put into their lunchboxes – they'll LOVE you even more for it!

So jump on board and get ready for some fun! 

Sign up to receive 21 days of healthy recipes & tips for your kids lunchboxes, next one starting on the 9th May, 2016

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